Facebook marketing for Small Businesses in Houston

Can I ask you an honest question? Don’t worry. It’s easy.

Think back over the last month or two. During that time, how many new clients did you enroll? I don’t need you to share that with me, but keep that number in your mind.

Are you happy with that number? I’m going to guess it’s lower than you’d like. If that’s the case, there’s a single, solitary reason why.

You need more leads. You need a source, and you need it to be sending you leads consistently.

Okay, I have another question for you.

What would you say is the best source of leads in the world right now?

Google? LinkedIn? A private network?

For majority of the businesses it is Facebook. That’s right, Facebook. If you are not generating leads from Facebook, then you are missing out on a bounty of perfect clients just waiting to be found.

And it is easy to get started. Create an ad, set it up on Facebook, aim it directly at your ideal client, and ride out the wave of good fortune.

If only it were that simple. Well, it is, but we should hop on a call and talk about setting that up today. If Facebook is not the lynchpin of your lead generation efforts, you are missing out a lot. That is thousands of dollars a month AND the opportunity to work with your ideal clients at the same time.

So I’m asking you to spend money on Facebook. Not everyone is a fan of that concept. Why chance losing money unless you know it works. We in our agency try a lot of avenues within the internet marketing arena. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is taking longer time to show the results, you can capitalize on Facebook ads to generate immediate leads that are looking for your products or services.

Listen, it works. Don’t let your apprehension, which is rooted in fear and not reality (the numbers bear this out) hold you back from making a smart move for you and your family.

We know it just works. We help several businesses leverage this platform to generate consistently a predictable number of targeted customers. Because of which they now have the financial freedom to spend money on the things that they care about, such as children’s college education, a vacation fund, retirement, and investments –all without the fear of losing money.

This is a great spot to be in. Who wouldn’t want to have that peace of mind? And it’s all because of Facebook.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, keep in mind that Medhansh Infotech’s expertise in this realm is EXACTLY what I’d like to offer you in a phone call. We can focus on your ads, target audience, landing page and the entire sales funnel.

Using the strategies of our internet marketing agency, we can help with your ad copy, setting the perfect price, and distributing your message to the best possible clients.

Optimizing your landing page copy? Maximizing conversion rates? Targeting options? Bidding strategy? We have you covered.

Ultimately, our goal is to have you walk away from our strategy session with everything in place in order to draw perfect leads from Facebook every day until it is no longer the number one source of leads in the world.


If you feel like you are pedaling as fast as you can and going nowhere, it’s time for a change. This can be your year you finally acquire the knowledge to pull in all the leads you want, whenever you want them.